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oil X didital art

Before - After

Born in 1968, French artist, he was asked by Life to be the painter of his own colorful emotions. He painted with oils on canvas for 20 years. His gallery sold almost 3000 paintings. It was crazy! Then, after a long analysis, he decided to merge madness with colors and put them at the service of what was going to be his revolution: contemporary abstract ART became Digital & Tactile.

L.Mar 1996-2016. All paintings are sold.

Sensitivity was happening through a magic wand called "brush" for touch-screen with oil techniques. Colors were still colors and the work was intensified by the pleasures of painting everywhere. How? Since 2000, Artrage company is creating natural artistic tools with professional App. These let artists from both traditional and digital backgrounds paint with love...

L.Mariault 2017. Selling soon...

Finest details

tremendous reality

A unique artwork with 3 sizes in option

Your privilege : as this is a digital artwork, the artist can select the size. You have the choice for this unique (only one forever), original artwork between : 80x80cm 100x100cm 120x120cm and also 2 supports: Aluminium plate or Plexiglas plate. 

Ludovic Mariault

The course of life is just right, it sometimes overflows meanders which have been born to bitter savored tastes of foams coveted...

Painting in my atelier / art-shop of The Batignolles in Paris is part of my previous life. My love of extra-fine oils can not come-back but believe and still believe that the 21st century is and will be digital for classical painters like me. Touch-screen is THE new media until we can paint in space.

old paintings
Ludovic Mariault artiste peintre abstrait

digital oil technique

Brush is mixing oil colors like never...

  • Deco ARTY x DESIGN

Prints in limited edition

Editions will be signed by the hand of the artist. Where to buy? In best galleries for modern, contemporary and new media ART.

  • Ludovic Mar

    old SOLD paintings / oils on canvas

  • 1996-2016



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